Research Compliance

Research Integrity & Compliance Services (RICS)

Research Integrity & Compliance Services (RICS) oversees compliance requirements at the university related to research. Policies, procedures and guidelines are designed to support the responsible and ethical conduct of university research and to ensure adherence to all laws and regulations guiding research.  Major areas of compliance include:

  • Animal Subjects/IACUC
  • Human Subjects/IRB
  • Institutional Biosafety (biohazards, DNA, Select Agents, Dual Use research)
  • Research Ethics (COI, RCR, misconduct)
  • Research Safety and Security (biosafety Data use
  • Export Controls

For more information, please contact Research Integrity & Compliance Services


Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)

The University requires, at a minimum, an annual disclosure from all faculty members regarding outside activities and financial interests.  At the time of proposal submission, investigators must completed their online FCOI disclosures in the InfoEd External Interests Module. Some sponsors require FCOI disclosures at the proposal stage and the University will not submit proposals until such disclosures have been completed.

All subrecipients must certify, at the proposal stage, that its institution has implemented and enforced an FCOI policy compliant with the respective regulations or that they lack a compliant FCOI policy and will implement a policy prior to subaward issuance.  Additionally, the responsible personnel at the subrecipient must complete and submit the External Investigator Disclosure Form.

For more information, please contact Financial Conflict of Interest