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    Faculty/Staff Resources

    As a Principal Investigator or research administrator at the University of Connecticut, you are expected to:

    • Verify when export controls apply to your research-related activity, international travel, or student involvement with your research;
    • Respond to any questions regarding export controls from a member of UConn’s Research Security Team;
    • Ensure yourself and all members of your research team comply with any export control requirements for your activity;
    • Ensure any access to proprietary or controlled information, or to controlled lab spaces on campus, are reviewed and approved by the Export Control office.


    Depending on the export controls which apply to your research activity, numerous trainings may be required to be completed by yourself and the members of your research team. Some of these trainings include:

    • Export Control trainings (offered by CITI)
    • CMMC 2.0/NIST 800-171 Compliance Training
    • DoD Controlled Unclassified Information (provided by DCSA)

    If you are unsure whether trainings are required for your research activity or international visitor, please contact

    Required Forms

    Export controlled research activity, as well as certain cases in preparation for bringing an international visitor to campus, may require faculty or research administrators to fill out specific documents to comply with export control policies. Examples of these forms include:

    • Technology Control Plan
    • Authorized Participant Form
    • Secure Research Infrastructure Intake Form
    • Principal Investigator Certification and Access Control Plan (PICACP)
    • User Agreement Form
    • Controlled Research Onboarding & Offboarding Forms

    Links to these forms can be provided by members of the Research Security team. Please contact with questions regarding which form(s) may be necessary for your activity.