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Proposal Preparation & Submission Overview

Proposal Submission Policy


Sponsored Program Services (SPS) is always available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the proposal development and submission process. The SPS Pre-Award Team can be reached at preaward@uconn.edu. Additional contact information for the Pre-Award Services team, listed by department, is available on the Pre-Award Contacts page. The Frequently Requested Information document provides a quick reference to information such as Authorized University Official name/s, UEI, DUNS number, FEIN number, Congressional District, addresses for sponsor checks, and much more.

Getting Started

The Principal Investigator (PI), sometimes referred to as Project Director, initiates the proposal process, and works with their department or center administrator to prepare the proposal according to sponsor guidelines. The PI is responsible for the technical content, budget, addressing compliance issues, along with the quality and preparation of the proposal documents. It is important that the funding agency (sponsor)’s priorities and evaluation procedures are understood as proposal materials are being prepared. Consider consulting with sponsor staff (typically referred to as program officers) before submitting your proposal. The program officer may be able to make valuable suggestions to improve your proposal or direct you to another program whose priorities might better match your proposal.

The Department Chair or Unit Head, and in most circumstances the College Dean, reviews and approves the proposal and budget, certifying that the project is consistent with the mission of the Department and College/School, the academic soundness of the proposal, that resources will be available, and that no commitments of University resources are made other than those described.

Review & Approval

Once the proposal is prepared, it is forwarded to Sponsored Program Services at preaward@uconn.edu. The Pre-Award Services staff review and approve proposals for compliance with sponsor guidelines, as well as Federal, State, and University regulations. The University’s authorized representative reviews, approves and signs all proposals. The signatures indicate endorsement, and commitment, on behalf of the institution, to the project.