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Limited Submission Competitions

Welcome to the OVPR's new limited submission page!  Launched in December 2022, this new approach to limited submissions will allow investigators access to more detailed and up-to-date information about available limited submission opportunities.  We hope that you will find these changes helpful as you seek appropriate funding opportunities for your research!  Please send any feedback you may have to research@uconn.edu.

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is pleased to announce these limited submission funding opportunities/awards.  Limited submission programs allow only a select number of applicants from each institution.  In order to determine which PIs will be selected as the official applicants from UConn/UConn Health, an OVPR internal competition may be necessary (full process is described at our website).

All PIs who wish to be considered for these opportunities must submit a notification of intent to submit form through the UConn Quest Portal by the due date listed in the competition advertisement.  PIs must be selected and approved by the OVPR to be eligible to submit.

There are three tables listed below:

  • New Limited Submissions - shows any newly posted limited submissions for the week (updated each Wednesday).
  • Available Without Competition -  shows limited submission opportunities that are past the internal NOI deadline but have not received any NOIs. These are open for submissions without a competition.
  • All Available Competitions - shows all limited submission opportunities currently accepting NOIs.


    How to use this page

    • To view a specific table, click on one of the blue buttons below.
    • Within each table, you will immediate see the most important details
      • Opportunity title
      • Sponsor
      • Award amounts
      • Relevant internal and external deadlines
    • To examine a limited submission opportunity's details closely, you can:
      • Scroll to the right to see additional information
      • Expand the record to see the full opportunity announcement - click on the arrows next to an opportunity's title (hovering over these arrows should show the phrase: "expand record (space)",
      • Visit Airtable to see a full screen version of the table - click on the arrows at the bottom right of the chart that says "view larger version" to visit AirTable, which hosts our Limited Submission opportunity tables.  You not need to sign in or create an account to view opportunity details. If prompted to do so, you can ignore these messages.


    New Limited Submission Opportunities (updated each Wednesday)

    This table details newly posted limited submissions. These limited submissions are updated weekly. Check back every Wednesday for new limited submission opportunities!

    Note: Is an opportunity you found here last week no longer in this table? Please check the "All Active Opportunities" table at the bottom of this page. Limited submissions that are no longer new for the week are transferred into this table.

    Available Without Competition

    This table details limited submission opportunities that have past the internal NOI deadline, but received no submissions. These are available until either an NOI is submitted by a researcher, or the first sponsor deadline passes. Once one of these situations occur, the opportunity is no longer available for new submissions and will be removed from the table.

    In rare occasions, some opportunities may have fast approaching deadlines, and as a result, an internal competition cannot be held within a reasonable time.  These opportunities can also be found within this table.

    All Available Opportunities

    The table above details all available limited submission opportunities. These limited submissions are updated weekly. Check back every Wednesday for new limited submission opportunities!

    Competitions Currently Under Review

    The table above details current opportunities for which an internal selection process is being held.  NOIs are no longer being accepted.  Information provided here for the reference of teams that have submitted NOIs