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Request System Access Changes

Basic InfoEd Access

The InfoEd eRA portal is secured with the UConn NetID single sign-on. All users are required to have a valid UConn NetID. UConn faculty and staff including UConn Health faculty and staff are automatically set up with an account. Graduate students and external users (e.g. UConn affiliates) should request access after obtaining an UConn NetID through University Information Technology Services (UITS).

  1. If you have an UConn NetID, first try to see if you can login to the InfoEd eRA system at https://www.infoed.uconn.edu.  If you are trying to access the UConn Health instance of InfoEd please login at https://uchealth.infoed.uconn.edu.
  2. If you cannot login, make sure you are using your correct NetID and password combination or your correct username and password. Consult the https://netid.uconn.edu website tools to verify your NetID and password credentials or contact the eRA Help Desk at 860.486.7944.
  3. Faculty may also add undergraduate students to InfoEd using a new automated process

If you still cannot access the InfoEd eRA portal after verifying your correct credentials and attempting to login, contact the eRA Help Desk at 860.486.7944 to verify that you have an account on the particular system. If you do not have an account or you need additional permissions, you can request access by completing the eRA Access Request Form.

Account Access Request Form

This form is also used if you are requesting additional security permissions for InfoEd (e.g. a Department Administrator requesting view access to proposals/protocols/accounts in his/her department or school) or another system. It is also for revoking access. You may type directly on the form and print it. The form must be signed by the applicant/requester and the applicant’s/requester’s supervisor and scanned or emailed to era-support@uconn.edu.