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Faculty Affiliated Companies / External Entities

What is the purpose of this page?

Assistance with identifying University requirements, policies, guidance, and procedures, including State Code of Ethics laws, related to faculty affiliated companies /external entities

Who should review this information?

 Faculty, staff, and students who hold a financial interest in, or conduct University activities with, a faculty affiliated company /external entity.

Why is this important?

Perceived or real conflicts may arise between University activities and activities of faculty affiliated companies /external entities. The University of Connecticut, its Regional Campuses and UConn Health (the University) are committed to fostering the entrepreneurial activities of its faculty and staff, in addition to its core missions of teaching, research and service. Consistent with its mission, the University encourages translational research, innovation and entrepreneurial activities. The University also is dedicated to ensuring transparency and compliance with University policy and State and Federal regulations.

Is everything I need to know here?

These pages are not an all-encompassing list of requirements, and members of the University community are expected to know and comply with all applicable University policies, and State and Federal regulations. In some cases, federal law and regulation will be stricter than State ethics laws and UConn policy, and such applicable portions of federal law will take precedence, while other aspects of State or University policy will remain in force. The federal and state regulations that govern these areas are complicated and these pages do not cover every situation that may need to be addressed. Therefore, the University recommends faculty, staff and students seek expert guidance in addition to adhering to the provided guidelines.

Who do I contact for more information?

The information available within these pages is also summarized in a Guidelines for Faculty, Staff, and Students who are affiliated with a Company document. The University strongly encourages any University employee affiliated with a company or acting as a consultant for a faculty affiliated company to seek advice from the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Provost’s Office, the State Ethics Liaison, and the Procurement Services group.  The Office of University Compliance is also available to assist with questions relevant to University policies or State and Federal regulations.