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RDS Proposal Development Policies

  • Policies – Prerequisites
    • We consider investigators to be our partners in this process. Having access to thoughtful and complete responses to our requests for information enables us to provide the highest level of support possible.
    • Incomplete requests will be returned to the PI. Requests that are resubmitted may not retain their original position in the service queue. Any questions regarding prerequisite documents may be sent to ovpr-rds@uconn.edu.
  • Policies – Project Timelines
    • Our Service Descriptions give estimated timelines that are based on the minimum length of time required for completion of service after approval of your request. Some services may require additional meetings, background research or consultation efforts that can add to project timelines.
    • Maintaining scheduled timelines is a joint effort between RDS and the investigators. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule into our workflow. As part of our project onboarding process, we will agree on a timeline with the PI. Please be aware that we may need to curtail support if mutually agreed upon deadlines aren’t met.
    • Requests submitted within 14 days of the proposal due date are unlikely to receive service.
  • Policies- Sharing of funder reviews and comments
    • Access to funder comments or reviews is helpful to our team to understand how we can enhance the competitiveness of submissions and improve our services. For this reason, researchers who submit proposals after receiving support from RDS are asked to provide follow-up information on the outcome of their proposal submission, including funder reviews or comments.
    • Any funder data, reviews, or comments will be used ONLY by the RDS staff to assess our services and monitor the funding landscape. These documents will remain confidential and will not be shared or used for any other purpose.