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Quantum-related Funding Opportunities and Resources

Advances in quantum science have the potential to have transformative social and economic impact.  New technologies are poised to revolutionize major industries, creating opportunities for new applications that will fuel economic growth.

To meet these challenges, UConn has partnered with Yale University and other key stakeholders to lead the Quantum-CT Regional Innovation Engine project. Quantum-CT is an effort to build an innovation ecosystem of researchers, educators, industry, and state/local stakeholders to harness the economic impact of new quantum-enabled technologies through technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship, and advances in STEM education and workforce development.

Want to contribute to the quantum revolution?  We strongly encourage interested faculty in all disciplines to partner together and with Yale University, other regional academic/educational institutions, corporate/industry stakeholders, and community partners on research projects that will:

  • Develop use-inspired applications of quantum technologies;
  • Transform STEM education and workforce training to create a quantum-ready workforce; and
  • Investigate the societal and economic impact of new quantum technologies;

    To support the success of the Quantum-CT effort, we encourage

    • Grant submissions, particularly in 2024
    • Cross-institution applications, not only among UConn and Yale, but also with other schools and colleges in CT, especially minority-serving institutions
    • Submissions for projects whose education and workforce development component may be provided by partnering with the QuantumCT workforce and education team
    • Submissions for the development of education materials with a quantum science theme that can be facilitated by partnering with a QuantumCT research team

    To assist faculty in finding funding opportunities to support their quantum-related research, OVPR Research Development Services has curated a list of relevant funding opportunities, below, which is updated monthly.

    Research Funding Opportunities

    Workforce and Education Funding Opportunities