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Hanover Research – Consulting Services

Working alongside the Research Development Services team, Hanover Research is a key OVPR partner, providing additional capacity for proposal review, consulting, and project management support for investigators at UConn/UConn Health.

Hanover’s team of grant consultants provide a unique and valuable perspective on the grantseeking process. They are usually not content experts in your area of specialty (that’s what you as the faculty member bring to the table). Instead, they are experts in a variety of federal funders and funding mechanisms, and provide feedback on proposal alignment and competitiveness as well as assistance with general grantsmanship skills.

Upon request and pending availability, the OVPR is pleased to allow faculty grantseekers access to Hanover’s core services, including:

  • Proposal Review (takes approx. 3 weeks). Hanover provides a strong written review and critique of faculty-drafted materials, helping the project team ensure compliance with submission guidelines and heighten the competitiveness of the proposal. In addition to written feedback, Hanover can arrange a debrief call with the reviewer to allow the PI to ask questions and get additional guidance and information.
  • Proposal revision (takes approx. 8 weeks). Hanover leads faculty through the process of reshaping a previous submission to incorporate new project elements, responding to reviewer comments, and heightening the proposal’s responsiveness to the solicitation.
  • Large Proposal Support (takes approx. 12 weeks). Hanover provides project management and partial proposal writing support to help faculty involved with large or complex proposals plan and manage the process, ensure that all necessary components are accounted for, and to keep teams on track for submission deadlines.

Please submit a service request form to discuss the availability of these services. Please inquire well in advance of submission deadlines to ensure that adequate time remains to schedule your project.