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IRB Forms & Templates

Submission Forms and Instructions?

Please review the list of required and optional components for all types of IRB submissions before completing the study protocol forms and before using InfoEd. Contact the IRB office at 860.486.8802 with questions regarding which form should be submitted.


The following study protocol forms are to be used together with the IRB-1, IRB-5, IRB-7, IRB-9 protocol application forms when submitting study material to the IRB using the InfoEd submission process.

IRB-1 Study Protocol and Data Security Assessment Form
IRB-1 instructions and Tips for completing the data security assessment form. Both forms are required and must be completed at time of submission.

IRB-5 Study Protocol for Exempt and Limited IRB Review
Click here for instructions.

IRB-7  – Research Methods Course Protocol
Click here for instructions.

IRB-9 Ethnographic/Naturalistic Research Study Protocol
Click here for instructions.

Continuing Review & Transition Checklist

Cumulative Inclusion Enrollment Report
Required at time of re-approval for studies funded by NIH or NSF.

Please note that the following application forms are now electronic and must be completed online through InfoEd:

  • IRB-1
  • Appendix A
  • IRB-1A
  • IRB-1B
  • IRB-1C
  • IRB-2
  • IRB-3
  • IRB-4
  • IRB-6
  • IRB-8

Supplemental Forms

dbGaP Access Assurance Form

Form Templates

The IRB recommends the use of these templates to help the researchers meet the legal requirements for consent. If after reviewing the templates and samples provided, you believe that the templates are inappropriate for your research, please call the IRB Office at 860.486.8802 for assistance.

Consent and Information Sheet Templates

Consent Form Template – Annotated Form with Instructions and Suggested Language

Information Sheet Template – Annotated Form with Instructions and Suggested Language

Information Sheet – Just the Form/Required Language

Information Sheet Template for Exempt and Limited Only

Research Method Courses

Information Sheet Template – One student – one project

Information Sheet Template – Multiple students – same project

Faculty Review Sheet, to aid in the review of student projects

Parent/Guardian Forms

Parental Permission Annotated Form with Instruction and Suggested Language.

Parental Notification Annotated Form with Instructions and Suggested Language

Recruitment Flyer

Sample Recruitment Flyer Template (with tabs)

Release Form

Research Study Photo/Video Release form

Sample Child Assent Forms

Examples of Child Assents, a recommended description of Deception for Consent Forms and an example of a Consent Form before and after the language was simplified appear below. For help with Consent Forms, come to the IRB Help sessions or call the IRB Office for an appointment.

Sample Child Assent 1 

Sample Child Assent 2