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Required Training in Human Research Protections

Who needs to take CITI Program Training?

Investigators and research staff who interact or intervene with subjects, or who access/use subject’s identifiable information or biospecimens for the purposes of research, must complete UConn Storrs CITI Courses relevant to the type of research being conducted and the investigator or staff member’s responsibilities. The acceptable courses include the:

  • Social/Behavioral Research Course
  • Biomedical Research Course

The CITI Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) courses do not substitute for either the Social/Behavioral or Biomedical Research Courses. For more information about RCR, please visit the OVPR’s RCR webpages

Human Subjects CITI training remains valid for 3 years, at which point a refresher course must be completed.

How do I complete CITI Training?

To create an account in CITI, on the citiprogram.org home page, click on the Register button in the upper right. Click on “Log in through my Organization” at the top of the page. Enter “UConn – Storrs and Regional Campuses” in the search box. Then click “Continue to SSO Login/instructions.” The CITI Single Sign-on (SSO) will use your UConn NetID and password for your account. (The system will ask you if there is another CITI account you would like to associate with your NetID account, and this option can be used to merge an old account with your new SSO account.) Follow the prompts to create an account.

Once you are logged in and under the UConn affiliation, select “add a course” and then “I would like to review the Human Subjects Research (HSR) courses” on the course enrollment page. Choose the appropriate course for your research: Group 1 Biomedical or Group 2 Social/Behavioral.

A copy of your Completion Report will automatically be sent to the IRB and will also be accessible to you and the IRB at any time from the CITI Program. Therefore, in most cases, investigators will not have to submit this report with an application to the IRB. If you need to upload a CITI completion report as part of your IRB submission, please see our uploading instructions.

What if I have already completed CITI Training for another organization?

When you log in to your CITI Program account, you should be able to add your affiliation with UConn to your profile by following these instructions. When you affiliate with UConn there is a good chance that the modules you have already completed will transfer to UConn thus eliminating or reducing the number of modules that you have to complete. Please be aware that UConn Storrs and UConn Health have different training requirements so please be sure that you affiliate with UConn – Storrs and Regional Campuses in CITI. Alternatively, a copy of your CITI Completion Report (not CITI Training Certificate) could be uploaded with your IRB submission. The IRB Office will review the report to determine whether the training meets UConn’s requirements or is substantially equivalent (completed within 3 years with at least 70% of the modules aligning with those required by UConn). To upload a CITI completion report as part of your IRB submission, please see our uploading instructions.

How do I complete the CITI refresher course?

The CITI Basic Course certification expires after three (3) years at which time the CITI Refresher Course must be taken to maintain certification. Approximately sixty (60) days before your training expires, you will receive an automatically generated reminder notice via e-mail directly from CITI. The notice includes instructions about how to complete the refresher course.

Who do I contact for help?

Questions regarding UConn’s requirements for human subjects training should be directed to the IRB Office @ irb@uconn.edu.

Technical issues with the CITI Program may be able to be resolved by visiting CITI’s Support Page. Questions can also be directed to support@citiprogram.org or by calling 888.529.5929.