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    UConn has designated BRANY IRB as its IRB for externally funded research and certain multisite studies. BRANY IRB is an independent IRB that is not affiliated with UConn. For BRANY IRB-reviewed studies, the UConn study team completes the submission to BRANY IRB through the IRB Manager online submission system and BRANY IRB conducts the ethical review on behalf of UConn. Study teams must also submit a cede application to the UConn IRB so that UConn can track the research conducted at UConn and ensure all local requirements are met.


    Studies that will be reviewed by BRANY IRB:

    • Externally Funded Research
      • Human subjects research that has external funding support (e.g., grant, contract, foundation). This applies to exempt, expedited, and convened (a.k.a. full) review types. This also includes externally funded multisite research and research involving external investigators or staff; OR
    • Multisite Research/External Investigators
      • Studies that involve more than 2 external sites or external investigators/staff for which single IRB (by UConn/BRANY) is being requested. This applies to externally funded, internally funded, and unfunded research. PLEASE NOTE: This refers to collaborating researchers/study personnel, not facilities that may be sites where research activities occur.


    BRANY Submission Process

    1. Review the Determine Eligibility for BRANY IRB Review and External IRB Guidelines documents to confirm your project qualifies for BRANY IRB review
    2. Review the UConn/BRANY Process Overview for detailed instructions for creating a BRANY IRB submission
    3. Submit the documents required for UConn local context review to
    4. Once local approvals are complete, submit the complete BRANY IRB application package to BRANY IRB.


    UConn IRB’s role in BRANY IRB-reviewed studies

    UConn IRB will verify that all local institutional requirements are met via a local submission, including:

    • study team training requirements
    • ancillary reviews


    BRANY IRB Review Contacts

    Name Phone Email
    UConn IRB Reliance
    BRANY IRB Contact Vanessa Rodriguez 516.514.2445


    BRANY IRB Template Documents

    Protocol Template

    SBR Consent Template

    SBR Consent Template Instructions

    Exempt Consent Template

    Exempt Consent Template Instructions

    Assent Template

    Assent Template Instructions

    Parental Permission Template


    Application Documents

    Cede Application

    Cede Application Instructions

    Ancillary Review Form

    Data Security Assessment Form


    Additional Information

    UConn/BRANY Process Overview

    Determine Eligibility for BRANY IRB Review

    External IRB Guidelines


    Training Information

    UConn/BRANY Process Overview PowerPoint

    BRANY IRB Manager Training Information:

    BRANY IRB Information Session, Webex meeting recording, September 7, 2023, Recording link:



    What is meant by “External Site?”
    This refers to collaborating researchers/study personnel, not facilities that may be sites where research activities occur. This does not mean a site/location where UConn researchers may be conducting research activities.
    What is meant by “Single IRB (by UConn/BRANY) is being requested?”
    This refers to a situation where the UConn study team is requesting that the external sites/personnel cede IRB review to UConn and that UConn/BRANY serve as the IRB of record for these sites. If the external sites will have their home IRB review the study, then those sites would not satisfy the more than 2 external sites requirement. Please note that single IRB review is required for federally-funded studies.
    What should I do if an external IRB is planning to serve as the single IRB of record for a multisite study where I will be engaged in human subjects research?
    If an external IRB will be the single IRB of record for your multisite study, please complete the External Involvement/Reliance Intake Form for Non-UConn Research Sites (found on the IRB-Reliance – General webpage) and email it to The UConn IRB’s reliance team will help you to facilitate a reliance agreement between UConn and the reviewing IRB. If another IRB will be the single IRB of record, the study should not be submitted to BRANY.
    What are BRANY IRB review turnaround times?
    Please contact Vanessa Rodriguez, BRANY IRB’s liaison with UConn, for information on BRANY turnaround times.
    How quickly will UConn’s Reliance Team review a request to cede IRB review to BRANY?
    IRB Reliance will work to review cede requests within one week of receipt.