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About the OVPR


Responsible for overseeing the $375 million annual research enterprise across all UConn campuses, including UConn Health, the OVPR manages all aspects of research and scholarship activities for UConn’s world-class faculty.

The OVPR supports both short- and long-term initiatives to grow UConn’s research enterprise and robust innovation pipeline. Through a dynamic, multifaceted approach, the OVPR promotes single faculty investigator projects, large-scale interdisciplinary collaborations, partnerships with leading industries, and high-potential, university-driven startups.

The OVPR is responsible for:

  • Research Support & Development
  • Core Research Facilities
  • Grant Proposal Support
  • Award Management
  • Research Compliance
  • Technology Commercialization
  • UConn’s Technology Incubation Program

To learn more about UConn research capabilities, expertise, and partnerships, visit research.uconn.edu.