Subaward Procedures

When Sponsored Program Services (SPS) has set up a new award account, the Department will receive an email with the account number and Subrecipient institution named on the project. The Department will then follow these instructions:

1. Submit a requisition in KFS.

  • If the vendor (Subrecipient) is not available in KFS, obtain a completed and signed Form W-9 from the vendor and create the new vendor through KFS.  When you submit the Subaward Agreement, notify SPS that you have initiated the new vendor setup.

2. Download the UConn Research Subaward Agreement.

a. Enter the following information in these fields on page 1:

    • Prime Award No.
    • Awarding Agency
    • Subrecipient Name
    • Amount Funded This Action
    • Est. Total (if incrementally funded)
    • Subaward Period of Performance dates
    • Estimated Project Period dates (if incrementally funded)
    • Project Title

Please note: SPS will fill in the Subaward No. using the PO number generated in KFS.

b. On Attachment 3A, fill in the Principal Investigator contact information.

c. Completed all of the necessary information and save the file using the following convention: subrecipient name_KFS#.

3. E-mail the following to with the Subrecipient name and KFS number in the subject line.

a. Subaward Agreement
b. Scope of Work and Budget documents
c. Subrecipient contact information (name and e-mail)

4. SPS will confirm receipt and send the Department a final draft to review before sending the Subaward Agreement out for Subrecipient signature.


Amendments will be used to make any necessary changes to the Agreement. Amendments will also now be used instead of Release of Funds letters to notify Subrecipients that funding for subsequent years of a project is available.  SPS will draft and send the Amendment to the Subrecipient and encumber the funds in KFS by amending the PO.

Please email Amendment requests to and provide any necessary information such as funding amount and budget period.