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Award Management

Sponsored Program Services’ mission is to support research excellence at the University of Connecticut’s Storrs and regional campuses. We accomplish our mission by encouraging and facilitating the use of external sponsorship of project needs and by serving as stewards of funds provided to the University by sponsors. SPS maintains an atmosphere that is supportive and protective of the research and scholarly/creative activities of UConn faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. We view ourselves as research advocates and professionals dedicated to the best service possible, which means that we work with our campus constituent groups to increase accessibility and reduce encumbrances and streamline our business processes while ensuring adherence to sponsors’ requirements.

All awards received by the University include terms and conditions that are agreed to when an award is accepted by UConn. The terms and conditions typically include the timely submission of one or more of the following reports:

  • technical/scientific/progress report,
  • financial statement of expenditures,
  • report of inventions,
  • patent report,
  • royalty report,
  • inventory list of equipment purchased under the award,
  • contractor’s release form, and/or
  • final invoice or voucher.

In addition, the terms and conditions include the approved budget dollars and line items as well as the rebudgeting terms and billing terms. The University is also obligated to follow all federal rules and regulations such as Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Grant Guidance prescribing allowability of costs to awards and the Cost Accounting Standards.