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A subaward is a portion of an award that is distributed by the University (pass-through entity or prime) to a third party (subrecipient) to facilitate performance of and payment for project work in compliance a project’s terms and conditions.  The University issues a subaward as the recipient of a prime award or as the Subrecipient of another institution’s prime award.

Subawards are typically funded on an annual basis, renewable for additional periods as appropriate or based on availability of prime award funding.  The University issues modifications or amendments as needed.

Subaward Process

To initiate a subaward, the Principle Investigator (PI) or department administrator must submit a requisition for a subaward in the financial system.

The following documents are required to process a subaward:

  • Subrecipient Consortium Statement (completed and signed by the Subrecipient)
  • Statement of work
  • Detailed budget and budget justification
  • IRB and/or IACUC protocols, as required

Upon receipt of the requisition and aforementioned documentation, SPS will review, process and issue a draft  subaward agreement for review and approval by the PI.

The PI should review the draft agreement, confirming the period of performance, budget, scope of work, and terms and conditions are accurate.  Special attention ought to be paid to reporting requirements, publication terms, data sharing and project specific compliance concerns.

Upon receipt of PI approval, SPS will route the agreement to the subrecipient for partial execution.

SPS will negotiate any changes proposed by the subrecipient and obtain PI approval if necessary.

Once the agreement is fully executed, SPS will encumber the funds in KFS on a Purchase Order before invoices from the subrecipient may be received and routed for approval for payment.