IBC Membership

The IBC consists of University faculty and community representatives. The individual members contribute the professional competency necessary to review specific research activities representing a broad range of disciplines through experience and expertise in their fields.

The fully convened IBC meetings take place at least quarterly on the Storrs campus and is made up of the following members:

IBC Chair: Spencer Nyholm, PhD Associate Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology

IBC Vice Chair: Mary Anne Amalaradjou, PhD, DVM Associate Professor, Animal Science

Alfredo Angeles-Boza, PhD Associate Professor, Chemistry

Wesley Byerly, PharmD (ex officio) Associate Vice President for Research Integrity and Regulatory Affairs

David Cavallaro, MS, CBSP (voting ex officio) Institutional Biosafety Officer, Environmental Health & Safety

Terri Dominguez, MSPH, CSP (ex officio) Director, Environmental Health & Safety

Bobbie Macierowski, MS Non-Affiliated Community Member, Biosafety Outreach Officer / State Training Coordinator / Microbiologist 2, Connecticut Department of Public Health

Robert Miller, MPH, RS Non-Affiliated Community Member, Director of Health, Eastern Highlands Health District

Curtis Schondelmeyer, DVM, CPIA, DACLAM (voting ex officio) Director and Attending Veterinarian, Animal Care Services

Steven Szczepanek, PhD Assistant Professor, Pathobiology

Geoffrey Tanner, PhD Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Physiology and Neurobiology

Ad-Hoc Plant Expert Consultant: Yaowu Yuan, PhD Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology