IBC & Biosafety Forms


IBC Registration Forms
Please contact Danielle Delage to acquire the forms, and for assistance with the registration process. 

IBC Incident Reporting Form

To report any research or instructional related incidents involving biological materials (e.g. needle sticks, percutaneous or mucous membrane exposures, spills outside of primary containment, etc.).

IBC Annual Review Form

To be completed annually for approved registrations, and submitted to ibc@uconn.edu.

IBC Amendment Form

To be used to request changes to approved registrations (e.g. grants, personnel, experimental activities, etc.). It should be noted that new research activities involving RG2 organisms as a host-vector systems, cloning RG2 or RG3 DNA into non-pathogenic bacteria, infectious DNA or RNA viruses and recombinant experiments with animals or plants, must not begin until the committee has reviewed and approved the amendment.

Training Verification Form

To be used to show that LSBM training has been completed on an annual basis. The rest of the training columns are optional. However, if they are not used, dates of training for personnel must be printed and added to that section of the binder.