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Biological Agent Use Registration (BAUR) Process

The Biological Agent Use Registration (BAUR) form was developed to gather information on the use of biological agents at Storrs and regional campuses. This information is used to assess the biosafety needs of the various laboratory environments at the University.

New Investigators/First Time Registrants

PIs complete the Biological Agent Use Registration (BAUR) form to register use or storage of any of the biological agents below.  BAURs are submitted to the IBSO located at EHS/Biosafety, Unit 4097.

  • Human (Blood, Body Fluids, Tissues, Organs, Cell lines)
  • Vertebrate Animals (Blood, Body Fluids, Tissues, Organs, Cell lines)
  • Microbial Agents (Prokaryotic, Eukaryotic, Viral, Prion)
  • Biological Toxins
  • Plants (including macro-algae)
  • Invertebrates (All classes)
  • Recombinant – Synthetic DNA (Additional form  required, see IBC Registration Process)

BAUR Registration Numbers

A registration number is assigned to each laboratory once a BAUR form has been received and a laboratory audit has been conducted.

The number is composed as follows: date BAUR received + registrant’s initials + “BL” + Biosafety level assigned e.g. 010101ACBL2.  This number stays with the lab regardless of re-submissions or updates.

Frequency of Registration

Laboratories register once but are requested to send in updated forms annually or as projects and personnel change.  (See BAUR Updates)

Notification of Registration

A BAUR assignment letter is sent to the investigator after the laboratory audit has been conducted.  This information may be sent to a new investigator after an initial or start up visit to their lab.

Review and Use of the BAUR

The registration will be reviewed prior to a lab audit and again with the registrant at the time of the audit.  The initial review will concentrate on training needs, personal protective equipment, engineering controls, any requirements for Department of Public Health registration, and select agent use.

A review of the BAUR will assist in determining if additional reviews are required by research compliance committees such as the IRB, SCRO, IBC and IACUC.

BAUR Updates

PIs are requested to revise their BAUR annually or whenever information on the current registration changes.

Updates should be submitted via e-mail to the IBSO.  The e-mail will include:

  1. A reference the BAUR number to be updated.
  2. A list all additions/deletions with page number.