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For Participating Departments

Pre-Award Services

Who is My Pre-Award Specialist?
Summary of Services
  • Budget development
  • Budget justification templates
  • Completion of all internal administrative forms (IPR, Cost Sharing, etc.)
  • Review of all proposal documents against the requirements of the sponsor and solicitation
  • Application building (our team will complete the application in WorkSpace, FastLane, etc.)
  • Coordination with Sponsored Program Services for final review and approval
Faculty Tips for Success
  • Contact us early! The earlier we are involved, the more support we can provide you.
  • Contact us even if you are not sure if you will submit!
  • Send us your documents as you complete them. We will review them against the requirements of the sponsor and solicitation and will let you know if changes are required.
  • Keep us informed of your scheduled and planned travel so we can manage deadlines effectively.
  • When your assigned Specialist is out of the office, contact facultyservices@uconn.edu for urgent issues and requests.


Post-Award Services

Who is My Post-Award Specialist?
Summary of Services
  • Daily monitoring of account through KFS and HuskyBuy transactions
  • Customized monthly reports and thorough monthly review
  • Evaluate payroll changes
  • Facilitate subaward and consultant agreements
  • Calculate projections of future expenditures
Faculty Tips for Success
  • Inform of your needs for pre-award/advance account as soon as you think you might need it.
  • Inform us of potential personnel changes so we can project the impact to the award and obtain sponsor approval if necessary.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it’s what we’re here for!