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Award Management (Post-Award) Contacts


Name Title Team Phone Email
Rashonda Harris Director of Award Management and Post Award Services rashonda.harris@uconn.edu
Jen Przybyszewski Associate Director of Award Management and Accounting 860.486.4293 jennifer.przybyszewski@uconn.edu
Kontorra Davis Grants & Contracts Manager Team 1 kontorra.davis@uconn.edu
Beverly Dauphinais Grants & Contracts Specialist Team 1 860.486.8796 beverly.dauphinais@uconn.edu
Shelby Corbin Grants & Contracts Specialist Team 1 shelby.corbin@uconn.edu
Meg Niewinski Assistant Director Team 2 860.486.1372 meg.niewinski@uconn.edu
Lori Abell Grants & Contracts Specialist Team 2 860.486.4268 lori.abell@uconn.edu
Carleen Wells Grants & Contracts Specialist Team 2 860.486.6198 carleen.wells@uconn.edu
Dwayna Dawkins Grants & Contracts Specialist Team 2 dwayna.dawkins@uconn.edu
Jen Przybyszewski Associate Director Team 3 860.486.4293 jennifer.przybyszewski@uconn.edu
Deb Ives Grants & Contracts Specialist Team 3 860.486.0471 deborah.ives@uconn.edu
Jennifer McNeal Grants & Contracts Specialist Team 3 860.486.3833 jennifer.mcneal@uconn.edu
Daniela Parciasepe Assistant Director Team 4 860.486.2269 daniela.parciasepe@uconn.edu
Crystal Lawton Grants & Contracts Specialist Team 4 860.486.0064 crystal.lawton@uconn.edu
Cerrone Bell Grants & Contracts Specialist Team 4 cerrone.bell@uconn.edu
Sally Parker Grants & Contracts Specialist Team 4 sally.parker@uconn.edu
Doug Willour Financial Assistant 860.486.9489 doug.willour@uconn.edu
Matt Cahill Assistant Director Post-Award Support & Analysis 860.486.3864 matthew.cahill@uconn.edu
Michelle Kulo Grants & Contracts Specialist Post-Award Support & Analysis michelle.kulo@uconn.edu
Tina Parks Grants & Contracts Specialist Post-Award Support & Analysis christina.parks@uconn.edu
Vanessa Mitchell Grants & Contracts Specialist Post-Award Support & Analysis vanessa.licowski@uconn.edu
General Email sps@uconn.edu

Post-Award Contact by Assigned Academic Unit

Academic Unit Contact
Agricultural & Resource Economics Beverly Dauphinais
Agriculture Experiment Station Beverly Dauphinais
Agriculture Publications Beverly Dauphinais
Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources Shelby Corbin
Allied Health Sciences Beverly Dauphinais
Animal Science Beverly Dauphinais
Anthropology Carleen Wells
Biomedical Engineering Cerrone Bell
Center for Clean Energy Engineering Crystal Lawton
Center for Environmental Science & Engineering Shelby Corbin
Center for Open Research Lori Abell
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Crystal Lawton
Chemistry Carleen Wells
Civil & Environmental Engineering Cerrone Bell
Communication Carleen Wells
Computer Science & Engineering Daniela Parciasepe
Connecticut Advanced Computing Center Daniela Parciasepe
Connecticut Entrepreneurship Innovation Center Beverly Dauphinais
Connecticut Institute for Resilience & Climate Adaptation (CIRCA) Jennifer McNeal
Connecticut Small Business Development Center Shelby Corbin
Connecticut Transportation Institute Crystal Lawton
Cooperative Extension System Beverly Dauphinais
Curriculum & Instruction Deb Ives
Digital Media & Design Dwayna Dawkins
Dodd Human Rights Impact Program Jennifer McNeal
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Dwayna Dawkins
Economic Analysis Center Beverly Dauphinais
Educational Leadership Deb Ives
Educational Psychology Behavior E and R Deb Ives
Educational Psychology Gifted and Talented Deb Ives
Education Deb Ives
Educational Leadership Deb Ives
Educational Psychology Deb Ives
Electrical and Computer Enginering Cerrone Bell
Engineering Undergraduate Programs Daniela Parciasepe
English Carleen Wells
Eversource Energy Center Daniela Parciasepe
Geography Carleen Wells
Geosciences Lori Abell
Global Training and Development Institute Shelby Corbin
Graduate Education Kontorra Davis
History Carleen Wells
Human Development & Family Studies Carleen Wells
Humanities Institute Dwayna Dawkins
Institute for Collaboration of Health, Intervention & Policy (InCHIP) Lori Abell
Institute of Materials Science Cerrone Bell
Institute for Student Success Beverly Dauphinais
Kinesiology Beverly Dauphinais
Law Instruction and Research Shelby Corbin
Linguistics Carleen Wells
Literatures, Cultures & Languages Carleen Wells
Marine Sciences Jennifer McNeal
Mathematics Lori Abell
Material Science and Engineering Crystal Lawton
Mechanical Engineering Crystal Lawton
Molecular & Cell Biology Carleen Wells
Natural Resources & the Environment Shelby Corbin
Nursing Instruction and Research Deb Ives
Nutritional Sciences Shelby Corbin
Pathobiology & Veterinary Science Shelby Corbin
Pharmaceutical Sciences Jennifer McNeal
Pharmacy Practice Jennifer McNeal
Philosophy Carleen Wells
Physics Dwayna Dawkins
Physiology & Neurobiology Dwayna Dawkins
Plant Science & Landscape Architecture Shelby Corbin
Plant Science & Landscape Garden Shelby Corbin
Political Science Carleen Wells
Psychological Sciences Carleen Wells
Public Policy Carleen Wells
Research Shelby Corbin
Rudd Center Lori Abell
Sea Grant College Program Jennifer McNeal
Social Work Deb Ives
Sociology Carleen Wells
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Carleen Wells
Statistics Dwayna Dawkins
Student Activities Jennifer McNeal
Systems Genomics Carleen Wells
Tech Park Crystal Lawton
University Libraries Deb Ives
UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering Cerrone Bell
Water Resources Institute Beverly Dauphinais
Werth Institute Beverly Dauphinais
Zwick Center Beverly Dauphinais