IACUC Policies

University Policy: Animal Use in Research, Teaching and Testing

AW-01-2011: Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns and Incidents of Non-Compliance

AW-02-2012: Animal Transportation

AW-03-2011: Acclimation of Newly Arrived Research and Teaching Animals

AW-04-2011: Animal Adoption

AW-05-2011: Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds in Animals

AW-06-2011: Single Housing of Social Species

AW-07-2018: Housing of Rats and Mice in Shared Spaces

AW-08-2018: Animal Housing Areas

BP-01-2012: Use of Full Committee Review (FCR)

BP-02-2012: Use of Designated Member Review (DMR)

BP-03-2012: Responsibilities of the Primary Reviewer

BP-06-2010: Requires Modifications to Secure Approval

BP-07-2012: Responsibilities of Full Voting Members

BP-08-2013: Biomedical vs. Agricultural Use of Agricultural Species

BP-09-2012: Veterinary Review of Protocols

BP-10-2011: Program Responsibilities: Attending Veterinarian

BP-11-2012: Annual Review of Protocols

BP-12-2012: Animal Welfare Investigation and Reporting

BP-13-2012:Post Approval Monitoring of Protocols

BP-14-2012: Semi-annual Inspection of Facilities

BP-15-2012: EHS Review of Protocols

BP-16-2012: Pre-Review of Protocols

BP-17-2012: Administrative Changes to Protocols

BP-18-2012: Withholding Approval of Protocols

BP-19-2012: Holding Protocols

BP-20-2012: IACUC Emergency Business Practices

BP-21-2013: Suspension of Approved Animal Activities

BP-22-2012: IACUC-Safety Committee Coordination of Protocol Review

BP-23-2012: IACUC By-Laws

SI-01-2011: Use of Invertebrate Animals in Research and Teaching

SI-02-2012: Animal Transfer Between Protocols for Traditional Laboratory Species

SI-03-2010: Individuals Listed on Animal Protocols

SI-04-2010: Students Registered in Classes or Programs described in Protocols

SI-05-2011: Principal Investigator Responsibilities

SI-06-2011: Guidelines for Assigning Animals Into USDA Pain and Distress Categories

SI-07-2012: Activities Requiring IACUC Oversight

SI-08-2012: Animal Tracking for Animal Science General Husbandry Protocols

SI-09-2013: Regulation of Food or Fluid Intake

SI-10-2013: Determining Expiration Dates

SI-11-2012: Requirements for Personnel Listed on Protocols

IACUC SOP-01-2015: Food Restriction in Rodents

IACUC SOP-02-2015: Modifications to Approved Animal Activities

IACUC SOP-03-2016: IVIS SpectrumCT Imager

IACUC SOP-05-2017: Isolation of Hazardous Chemicals/Agents in Use in Rodents

IACUC SOP-06-2017: ABSL-2 Isolation Room Procedures for PBB Vivarium Suite 036, 037, 038