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Export Control Training

The University of Connecticut has implemented mandatory export control training for UConn researchers involved in any research that is export controlled.

As a result, any UConn investigator listed as project personnel for a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement where export control regulations apply must complete export control training certification prior to starting any work on that project.  Such certification is valid for one (1) year from the date the training is completed.  Certification must be completed annually if the investigator is still personnel on a project where export control regulations apply.

The training is available online and offered through the CITI Program.  The Export Control Course offers eleven modules.  They are:

Introduction to Export Compliance (ID: 16800)
Export Compliance for Researchers: Part I (ID: 16801)
Export Compliance for Researchers: Part II (ID: 16802)
Export Compliance for Research Administrators (ID: 16803)
Export Compliance and Biosafety (ID: 16805)
Export Compliance for Operational Departments (ID: 16806)
Export Compliance for International Shipping (ID: 16807)
Export Compliance and Purchasing (ID: 16808)
Export Compliance and International and Foreign Waters (ID: 16809)
Export Compliance and Collaborations (ID: 16810)
Export Compliance and United States Sanctions Programs (ID: 16812)

You will need to complete three modules to meet the training requirement. 

Under Required, complete Introduction to Export Compliance (ID: 16800).
And under Supplemental, complete:
Export Compliance for Researchers: Part I (ID: 16801).
Export Compliance for Researchers: Part II (ID: 16802)

You may be required to complete other modules based on the nature of the regulations that apply to your research project.  Research Integrity and Compliance Services will let you know if additional modules are required.

Once the required training certification has been completed, you will have met your export control training requirements for the year.  Please make a note of the date of the certification as you will be required to complete the training again prior to the annual expiration date.