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InfoEd FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions that our staff receives about the InfoEd eRA system. Click on a question hyperlink to see the corresponding answer.

InfoEd System Portal

How do I access InfoEd?

UConn employees and students access InfoEd securely online at https://www.infoed.uconn.edu by logging in using their existing NetID username and password. Undergraduate students are not automatically added and can click here to obtain access to InfoEd. UConn Health staff and OVPR staff based at UConn Health in Farmington access the UConn Health InfoEd site at https://uchealth.infoed.uconn.edu. Eventually, these two systems will be merged into one.

Is InfoEd available from off-campus?

Yes, InfoEd is available from both on- and off-campus locations at the website address https://www.infoed.uconn.edu for UConn Storrs/Regional campuses and https://uchealth.infoed.uconn.edu/ for UConn Health. You may use any modern, up to date, web browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari) to access the system.

Who is provided access to InfoEd?

UConn faculty and staff including UConn Health faculty and staff are automatically set up with an InfoEd account. Graduate students are also automatically set up in InfoEd. Undergraduate Students can request access if they are personnel on a grant or need to submit an IRB protocol for student initiated research. External users (e.g. UConn affiliates) with a business need for InfoEd access should request access after obtaining a UConn NetID through University Information Technology Services (UITS). Access or changes to existing access permissions can be requested on the Request InfoEd Access page.

Human Subjects Module

When is Department Head/Dean approval required for internal review of IRB protocols?

For initial submission of NEW human subject protocols, Department Head/Dean approval is required for all research studies that are not funded by an internal or external funding source. Department Head/Dean approval is not required when responding to a determination that the protocol requires modifications to secure approval EXCEPT when specifically required by the IRB as a condition of approval.Please note: Department Head/Dean approval is NOT required for submission of requests for continuation (expedited and full board), amendments (expedited and full board), protocol deviations or adverse events unless specifically required by the IRB.

In all cases, if the Department/School requires that all submissions be reviewed by the Department Head/Dean, Dean of Research, Graduate Coordinator, etc., then you must comply with the department policy.

What is the policy with regard to students serving as principal investigators for human subject protocols?

For the purposes of submitting protocols through InfoEd, students are now permitted to submit the protocol under their own name. However, the protocol must be routed to the faculty advisor for internal review and approval. Also, when completing the personnel section of the protocol application, the student researcher must change the role automatically assigned by InfoEd when the submission is created. The student must change the role from principal investigator (PI) to student researcher. When adding the faculty advisor to the list of key personnel, that faculty member must be given the PI role. Finally, it is important that the student researcher add the faculty member PI as a delegate to the student’s InfoEd user profile so that the faculty member can, at any time, access the protocol record. Please note: The designation of the student researcher as PI in InfoEd is solely to facilitate the online application process. In accord with UConn policies, the official PI may not be the student researcher (refer to the Eligibility for Principal Investigator Status Policy at http://policy.uconn.edu/?p=975).

For student initiated research, who must internally review and approve the protocol submission?

Principal investigators (PIs), the student's advisor, must approve ALL submissions for student initiated research protocols (e.g. initial submission, re-approval, amendments, etc.). Initial submissions of new, student initiated protocols must be approved by both the PI and the Department Head, as noted in the Department Head question above. Important: Within the submission routing process, select the faculty advisor PI as the first level of approval followed by the Department Head. See the human subjects how-to guide for entitled how to submit a human subjects IRB protocol for internal review and approval, for further instructions.

How do I submit redacted copies of consent forms that are required at the time of re-approval?

There are two ways to submit redacted copies of consent forms that are required at the time of re-approval. First, you can scan the redacted consent forms (with the last name only blacked out) and upload them in PDF format as a supporting document. if you do not have a way to scan the documents, you may hand carry or submit them to the IRB by mail – just be sure to attach a copy of the IRB Face Page from from the IRB website and indicate in the re-approval section that you are submitting copies of five consent forms.

Training and Support

Why can’t I access some how-to guides, video tutorials and/or written instructional manuals from off-campus (e.g. home, hotel while traveling, etc.)?

The how-to guides, video tutorial and instructional manual contains proprietary information about the InfoEd product such as screen shots. As such, there are restrictions on who may view the information presented in the training material. Currently, the video and how-to guides are only accessible on our website after a user logs in with their UConn NetID. You can access these materials remotely, but you must enter your netid to access the page on which these materials are stored. Don't know your UConn NetID or password, visit https://netid.uconn.edu.

How can I receive training on using the InfoEd system?

We offer regular training sessions on various InfoEd eRA modules. Please consult the upcoming events listed on the home page of this site, the Office of the Vice President for Research calendar, or the UConn Events calendar for upcoming dates/times. Many upcoming training sessions are also communicated through the Daily Digest. In addition, self-directed how-to guides and instructions are available on this website. Finally, if you find you need more individualized assistance after attending a scheduled training session or wish to invite us to offer a group training session for your school or college, department, unit or research lab, please complete the training request form with the your training needs and we will get contact you to discuss your request.

How do I get help or support?

Please email eRA-support@uconn.edu or call 860.486.7944 to be connected to a member of our eRA Helpdesk support team. The help desk line is staffed Monday-Friday (except holidays) from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. How to guides and tutorials are also available on this website.