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UConn Health General Use PPE for Research

With the lifting of some stay-at-home restrictions for areas such as research, UConn Health (UCH) will see an increase in the number of employees returning to campus. The institution continues to review and revise its safety guidelines to ensure a safe work environment and issues new guidance as necessary. As part of these safety requirements, to resume research all PIs/Faculty members will be required to submit a unit-level safety plan for their groups. The COVID-19 Safety Plan template should be used and submitted to the OVPR. The state guidelines for the re-opening of offices provides useful information that is relevant to research labs, as well as offices. All safety plans include guidelines on the need for personal protective equipment (PPEs) and cleaning supplies. To meet the expected increased demand for PPEs and cleaning supplies, the normal procurement process has been changed to centralize orders through the Office of Logistics Management (OLM). Central purchasing of these materials will also ensure that patient care and the health and safety of our frontline workers remain our number one priority. OLM will communicate any potential shortage or outage of materials so units can plan appropriately. Any extended shortage or outage may require the temporary closing of administrative or research labs. HuskyBuy orders placed for these items will be rejected.


Initial Supply of General Use PPE

Initial supplies of general use PPE, as defined below, will be delivered to each academic department based on the number of employees and number of labs in that department. This initial stock will be available by next week (between May 19-22) and will consist of:

  • 1 procedure mask per employee or 1 reusable cloth mask per employee as those become available, along with a percentage for unexpected damage or excessive soiling.
    • Procedure masks are expected to last employees 5 business days.
    • Excess masks will be held and distribution monitored by the department administrator in cases of breakage or soiling.
  • Bottles of hand sanitizer for each lab, approximately 1 100ml bottle per 5 employees.
    • Please do not discard bottles. They will be picked up with the next delivery for refilling by in-house production.
  • 1 tub of alcohol wipes per lab area, along with 1 tub of surface disinfectant per area.
    • Please do not discard tubs. They will be picked up with the next delivery for refilling by in-house production.
  • 2 boxes of gloves per lab, academic or administrative area

The administrative office in each academic department will be responsible for the distribution of these supplies to labs as needed.

Re-ordering General Use PPE

The administrative office in each academic department will be responsible for the orders to restock department supplies.

Re-stocking orders can be submitted to PPE@uchc.edu. The email order must be from either the Business Services Manager or Administrative Manager, or if from someone other than the Manager, must copy (CC) the Manager on the order. Orders not from or cc-ing the Manager will be returned. Orders should also provide 3 dates/times when someone will be in the office to receive and sign for the supplies.

Gloves should continue to be ordered through the Warehouse eportal system. Departments and labs will not be charged for glove orders placed through the Warehouse.

Departments should plan for up to 72 hours for receipt of supplies from OLM.

PPE Category Research Order Through
Restricted Use Yes. Research AVP approval and biosafety, animal, or human subject protocol required. OLM
Limited Use Yes. Need in research environment as before pandemic and remains chargeable to grants. OLM
General Use Yes. As long as state and federal guidelines require using face coverings, frequent hand washing, and surface cleaning, these supplies will be provided as needed at no cost to departments or labs. OLM
Gloves Gloves and paper towels are other supplies that will be in high demand and are necessary to ensure a safe environment. Gloves will be needed for any staff that may be using disinfectant. As long as state and federal guidelines require frequent surface cleaning, gloves will be provided as needed at no cost to departments or labs. Warehouse eportal

Restricted PPE includes N95 respirators. These materials are only available outside of the clinical areas with approval from a Research AVP.

Limited Use PPE includes googles, face shields, isolation gowns, hair bouffants, and shoe covers. These materials are not required by state or federal guidelines for the safe return to work, but may be required PPE in a lab setting. These supplies should be ordered through OLM and are chargeable to sponsored projects.

General Use PPE are required by state and/or federal guidelines for the safe return to work. These supplies include surgical/procedure masks, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer. Supplies will be purchased, stocked, and distributed by OLM for all UCH areas at no cost to departments or labs.