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Guidance on Undergraduate Student Participation in Research

Process to request summer Undergraduate Student participation in research. Undergrads will need to be trained on the approved safety plan and have their training documented. The OVPR and Provost’s office will communicate the needed steps for participation in research during the fall semester once the process has been finalized.

  • The Undergraduate Student should complete and submit the Undergraduate Student Research Request Form. Once submitted, this will be emailed automatically to both the Office of Undergraduate Research and OVPR.
  • The faculty member wanting to add one or more undergraduate students to an approved safety plan should complete and submit the Request to Include Undergraduate Students Form.
  • Once BOTH forms are received, the OVPR will respond with an Approval to both the student and faculty member.
  • For questions or concerns contact the OVPR at ovpr@uconn.edu or Office of Undergraduate Research at  our@uconn.edu.

For information about Undergraduate research during the Fall 2020 semester, visit the Office of Undergraduate Research’s website.