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Guidance on Animal Rebreeding in the Vivarium and New Animal Orders

Version 1, May 5, 2020

To prepare to resume research on May 20, 2020, researchers will be allowed to begin some rebreeding activities and animal orders.

Effective immediately:

  • Researchers and research staff may work from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM.
  • The availability and access to procedure rooms is as usual.
  • No more than a total of two people are allowed in a room at a time. Research groups must coordinate room access among themselves to maintain this density.
  • All individuals must have been previously trained and given access to the vivarium. New individuals without previous access or training are not allowed. Individuals do not need to have been previously listed on a Critical Research Infrastructure request form.
  • Everyone must wear a cloth face covering or the mask provided by vivarium at all times.
  • The Facility Manager for the UConn vivarium or Center for Comparative Medicine staff for the UConn Health vivarium must be contacted a day in advance if assistance will be needed, such as needing large numbers of new cage set-ups for breeding, drug orders, veterinary staff help, or other needs.
  • An amendment should be submitted as soon as possible to the IACUC if the animal number on the approved protocol needs to be increased.
  • Research employees who are not feeling well and experiencing any symptoms of illness should remain at home, not report to work, and immediately contact their manager or supervisor. For more information see Guidance on Research Employees Returning to Work.

Orders for new animals can resume Monday, May 11, 2020.