Safety Training & Safety Plan for Phased Research Ramp Up

The OVPR’s COVID-19 Resource page has been updated with new guidance on several aspects of ramping up research activity prior to May 20, 2020, including:

Phase 0: Pilot/Limited Research Activity

The Critical Research Infrastructure process is being expanded to allow immediate time-limited access to on-campus research labs in order to generate targeted research to support impending grant deadlines and contract resubmissions, competitive renewals, response to manuscript or other reviewer comments and other similar needs. This is not a ramping up or reopening of the labs and research areas to resume usual research. The process for the Phased reopening of research after May 20th is under development. Submissions must include the following:

  • Resuming Research Activity form (no longer active)
  • Returning to Research COVID-19 Safety Training This course was prepared for the University of Connecticut research community (UConn Storrs, regional campuses, and UConn Health) by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. It is based on current CDC guidelines and UConn procedures. Any updates to these guidelines or procedures will supersede the content in this training. It is mandatory that all individuals complete the online training module before returning to research work. Documentation of completion must be retained by the lab or research area. If you experience any technical difficulties, contact Training and Outreach Program Manager Dr. Shawna Lesseur at
  • COVID-19 Safety Plan (no longer active)  A COVID-19 Safety Plan must be completed and submitted with the Resuming Research Activity form as part of Phase 0: Pilot/Limited Research Activity. The Faculty Member/Principal Investigator is responsible for ensuring compliance with this Plan. Failing to follow this plan will result in restrictions up to and including immediate shutdown of the offending research lab or area.

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