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Storrs-UConn Health F&A

Because Storrs and UCH are two separate entities both from the standpoint of the state and for federal grants (and have different financial systems), this places us in a situation similar to the University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts and Cornell University. We used the Cornell model to develop guidelines to promote intercampus collaborations between Storrs and UCH and placed them on our website earlier this year. This has assisted researchers in understanding the procedures at the other campus and resolved issues that in the past have been a concern.

We currently have a global MOA between Storrs and UCH and create individual agreements for each project. They are simple and are put in place quickly.

Additionally the current practice is for the prime recipient to waive F&As on the first $25K of the sub-award if including them would diminish proposed direct costs.

In situations where amount of project cost funding is capped and the subrecipient’s F&As are included in the total direct costs, the subrecipient organization will not include its F&As in the budget. Once awarded, the prime recipient will share its F&As with the subrecipient proportionately to the awarded direct costs. This will be implemented for all future grants.