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Director of Environmental Health and Safety Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that following a national search, we have selected Teresa Dominguez to serve as Director, Division of Environmental Health and Safety on a permanent basis, effective immediately. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the search committee and other members of the university community who assisted in conducting a national search to fill this position.

In this role, Terri will provide strategic leadership and will be responsible for the development, implementation and administration of comprehensive environmental health and safety programs and policies for the University of Connecticut’s Storrs and regional campuses. She will also work closely with her counterpart, the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at UConn Health.

Terri has been at the university since 1992, and has held several positions within EHS with increasing responsibility, most recently being promoted to Interim Director of Environmental Health and Safety. As a Certified Safety Professional with over 25 years of comprehensive experience in the environmental health and safety field, Terri is highly qualified for the role as EHS Director at one of the nation’s top research universities. Prior to coming to UConn, Terri worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an Industrial Safety and Health Inspector. She earned a B.S. in Human Ecology from Rutgers University and an M.S. in Public Health from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst.

Terri brings extensive experience, expertise, and a history of collaboration, service, and engagement with the university community to this appointment. Please join me in congratulating her on this new position.



Dr. Jeff Seemann
Vice President for Research
UConn/UConn Health

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Laboratory Chemical Inventory Program to begin July 1

Due to Federal and State regulatory requirements and State of Connecticut fire code restrictions on quantities of chemicals permitted in laboratories, the University of Connecticut will be initiating a Laboratory Chemical Inventory Program at the Storrs and Depot campuses beginning on July 1, 2015. The Vertére Inventory Management System (VIM) will be used in all labs throughout campus. The system has been in place at UConn Health since 2014, and the Department of Chemistry has been using Vertére for many years.

Note that the program relates to LABORATORY chemicals only at this time and does not include compressed gases, microbiology media (such as agars, broths, and serums), buffers, test kits, radioisotopes, drugs, and cleaning products.

In planning for this new program, the Office of the Vice President for Research, Division of Environmental Health and Safety, in collaboration with Purchasing and Central Stores, has established two major goals 1) Minimize the effort required by the end user to maintain this inventory program and 2) Ensure chemicals are delivered on the same day they are received.  We are confident that both of these goals will be achieved as the program progresses.

On July 1, there will be a new 2-step process for ordering and receiving laboratory chemicals:

1) at the time of purchase, requisitioners will process orders through Kuali and specify the laboratory room number in which the chemical will be stored. Click for order details.

2) ordered chemicals will arrive at Central Stores, where they will be bar coded, and then repackaged for same day delivery.

Chemicals ordered for research or teaching use will be bar coded so that, over time, all chemicals in each lab will have their own unique bar code numbers. As end users, Principal Investigators and Laboratory Managers are critical members of the Laboratory Chemical Inventory Program. The effectiveness of the program relies on their commitment to manage their inventory by reviewing their stock and forwarding bar codes of empty containers to EHS for administrative removal from the database.

A full description of the Laboratory Chemical Inventory Program may be obtained by visiting the EHS website.

For questions, please contact the following individuals:

 Laboratory Chemical
Inventory Program:  
 EHS manager, Stefan Wawzyniecki, at stefan.w@uconn.edu
or 860-486-1110.
 Purchasing:  Purchasing Agent, Cathleen Paquette, at cathleen.paquette@uconn.edu
or 860-486-2620.
 Receiving/Delivery:   Warehouse/Dock Supervisor, Steve Marrotte, at steven.marrotte@uconn.edu
or 860-486-6297.