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Using the UConn Library- a service for TIP Companies

Library and Computer Network

The University of Connecticut Libraries is the largest public research collection in the state. The collection includes books, print and electronic periodicals, microfilm, maps, sound and video recordings, musical scores, and an ever-growing array of electronic resources, including ebooks, streaming audio and video collections, as well as art and photographic image databases.

The vast majority of UConn Libraries’ online resources may be used for purposes of personal research, education or other non-corporate use by students, faculty, staff, affiliates, visiting scholars and walk in users. However, some resource access is restricted to students, faculty, and staff only. For questions about UConn Libraries’ e-resources, please contact ermsupport@lib.uconn.edu. For questions about what is available to TIP Companies, please contact the TIP Office.

As of April 2015, resources restricted to only UConn students, faculty and staff include:

  1. Bizminer
  2. Gartner Interweb
  3. Global Insight (via WRDS)
  4. Mintel Academic GMN – Global Market Navigator
  5. Mintel GNPD
  6. Mintel Reports
  7. PrivCo
  8. RIA Checkpoint
  9. SciFinder Scholar

Please note that the list above might not be comprehensive. For a full listing, please contact ermsupport@lib.uconn.edu.


UConn appoints experienced librarian as Special TIP Liaison

Steve Batt, UConn Libraries
Steve Batt, UConn’s Special Library Liaison to TIP Companies

TIP Companies now have access to an experienced, specialist librarian to help them navigate the world of scientific and business journals and databases, and to access information they need to run their businesses. The UConn library has appointed Steve Batt as Special Liaison to the TIP and he will be available to help TIP Companies to access similar, unrestricted information where this is available. Contact Steve