Consultant Procedures

When SPS has set up a new award, the PI and department will receive an email with the account number and Consultant(s) named on the project. The department will then follow these instructions:

1. Submit a requisition in HuskyBuy.

a. If the supplier (consultant) is not available in HuskyBuy, request a new supplier before submitting the requisition.

b. Use Commodity Code 133 (Consulting Services – Grant Funded); Object Code 6626 for services provided and 7650 for Consultant travel.

c. Enter the hourly rate or cost breakdown in the Description field.

2. Complete and obtain the PI’s signature on the Hiring of a Consultant Form.

3. After submitting the requisition, the PI or department will email the following to with the Consultant name and KFS number in the subject line:

a. Description of Services

b. Hiring of a Consultant Form

c. Consultant contact information (name and e-mail)

4. SPS will complete the Consulting Agreement based on the information provided in step 3; the completed agreement will be sent to the PI and department for review and approval prior to it going out to the consultant for signature.

5. SPS will email the fully executed Consulting Agreement to the department and consultant.