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IRB Forms – InfoEd Submission

The following study protocol forms are to be used together with the IRB-1, IRB-5, IRB-7, IRB-9 protocol application forms when submitting study material to the IRB using the new InfoEd submission process implemented on June 16, 2014.

Note:  These forms may not be used with paper submissions.

Contact the IRB office at 860.486.8802 with questions regarding which form should be submitted.

Study Protocol Forms

IRB-1 Study Protocol and Data Security Assessment Form
IRB-1 instructions and Tips for completing the data security assessment form. Both forms are required and must be completed at time of submission.

IRB-5 Request for Exemption Study Protocol
Click here for instructions.

IRB-7  – Research Methods Course Protocol
Click here for instructions.

IRB-9 Ethnographic/Naturalistic Research Study Protocol
Click here for instructions.

Continuing Review & Transition Checklist

Cumulative Inclusion Enrollment Report
Required at time of re-approval for studies funded by NIH or NSF.

Please note that the following application forms are now electronic and must be completed online through InfoEd:

  • IRB-1
  • Appendix A
  • IRB-1A
  • IRB-1B
  • IRB-1C
  • IRB-2
  • IRB-3
  • IRB-4
  • IRB-6
  • IRB-8

The Face Page is no longer required for InfoEd submission.