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External Investigators and the UConn IRB

Information for UConn Collaborations and Independent Investigators

IRB approval must be obtained from each collaborating institution that has an IRB before research is initiated at those sites.  Investigators should identify all collaborating sites in the protocol application and indicate which aspects of the research will take place at each site. The protocol will not be approved until each individual IRB has granted approval.  In some circumstances, it is possible to designate one IRB as the IRB of record, whereby one institution’s IRB has responsibility for reviewing the study and the collaborating institutions agree to accept those determinations.  UConn Storrs has formal collaborative agreements with several institutions. This decision is made by the IRBs involved, but the PI may request which IRB he/she prefers to be the IRB of record.  Generally, the IRB of record will be at the institution where most or all of the research activities will be conducted. Contact the IRB office for more information.

Any  investigator listed as a collaborator on a protocol application that is not  affiliated with UConn Storrs, with a collaborating institution with an approved  FWA, or otherwise covered by a contract between UConn and a sponsor, will be required  to submit an Individual Investigator Agreement form which will be modeled on  the template provided by the OHRP.   The form will  commit the investigator to comply with all relevant IRB determinations,  federal, state and local regulations, and UConn policies pertaining to the  prospective review of research studies and the protection of human participants  in research.  Independent investigators  will also be asked to complete the same disclosure of conflict of interest form  that employees of the institution are required to complete.  The conflict of interest committee will be  asked to review such disclosures and determine if a conflict exists, if it is  manageable and if so what actions must be implemented for that management. For additional information about conflict of interest, see FCOI.

Information for Unaffiliated Investigators Seeking Permission to Recruit at UConn

Researchers who are unaffiliated with the University but wish to recruit participants on the  UConn Storrs campus, the five regional campuses, the School of Social Work, or the School of Law, must request permission from the IRB before recruiting students or employees on UConn campuses (via poster, flyer, email announcement or newspaper ad).  Unaffiliated researchers must submit to the UConn IRB Office,  one copy of the full packet of materials they submitted to the IRB of their own institution, including the letter of IRB approval for the project.  The packet should include, but may not be limited to, the IRB protocol application, consent form or information sheet, recruitment flyer or ad, instruments or measures to be used, and any supporting documentation.  The IRB Chair or his/her designee will review the request and issue a letter of permission to recruit on campus.  The IRB reserves the right to have requests for permission to recruit on campus go to the full board for review and approval, should the Chair or Vice Chair decide that the nature of the study requires the independent scrutiny of the IRB to protect its students and employees.