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    Microbiome Research Seed Grants 2018

    The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is pleased to announce the winners of the UConn Microbiome Research Seed Grant program.

    In support of the Provost’s Academic Plan Award for the UConn Microbiome Initiative, The Microbiome Research Seed Grant program will provide $150,000 per year for 3 years to support innovative and collaborative research proposals that will lead to new proposals for extramural funding in microbiome research.

    The OVPR received proposals from 19 excellent faculty teams, and three projects were selected by our review committee for funding.

    The Microbiome Research Seed Grant awardees are:

    Marcy Balunas, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Spencer Nyholm, Molecular and Cell Biology

    A Unique Host‐Microbe Symbiosis as a Novel Source of New Antifungal Drug Leads

    Blanka Rogina, Genetics and Genome Sciences
    Nichole Broderick, Molecular and Cell Biology

    The Role of Microbiome in Longevity Extension of Indy Flies

    Michael Willig, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    Joerg Graf, Molecular and Cell Biology

    Biodiversity Gradients of Symbiotic Bacterial Communities in Tropical Gastropods

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