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Notification of Intent to Submit

A Notification of Intent to Submit should be completed for:

  1. Announced or Scheduled Internal Competitions Advance notification of intent to submit a pre-proposal enables us to expedite the screening process, allowing ample time for the selected proposal(s) to be fully developed for submission to the sponsor.
  2. New, unscheduled or other programs that limit or restrict the number of applications that can be submitted by an entity When a limited submission opportunity is brought to our attention, an inquiry will be announced to determine whether it will be necessary to conduct an internal screening.  If necessary, an internal competition will be further announced.

If notification of intent to submit is received for fewer than the limited number of submissions, an internal competition may not be announced.

Please note that if there is insufficient time for an internal competition to take place, an administrative decision may be made regarding which, if any, proposal(s) should be submitted.