Month: March 2018

OVPR Quarterly Reports

Dear Colleagues,

Now that data has been finalized, I would like to provide you with several reports relating to sponsored program activity—both research and education/service—managed by Sponsored Program Services within the Office of the Vice President for Research at UConn and UConn Health. These reports include:

In the reports, data is presented in two ways: by the PI’s Academic Home Department and by the Managing Department or Center/Institute. Please refer to the first pages of the reports for definitions and information regarding the data. Should you have any questions regarding these quarterly reports, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note that we have included an additional Summary of Sponsored Program Activity, including the Effective F&A rate on awards. This information provides a snapshot of our activity as compared to the same period last year and can be found on the third page of the Proposals, Awards, and Expenditures: FY14-FY18Q2 report.

Through the 2nd quarter of FY2018, we have seen continued increases in Proposals, Awards, and Expenditures over the same period in FY2017. The significant increase in Awards is primarily due to a shifting of Federal awards from the last quarter of FY2017 to the 1st quarter of FY2018 due to delays in the approval of the federal budget. Award rates are expected to return to more traditional levels as the year progresses. FY2018 combined Expenditures across both campuses are on track with FY2017 spending; however, there has been a decrease at UConn Health which has been offset by an increase at Storrs. The Effective F&A rate for FY2018 through the 2nd quarter at Storrs is 29.60% and 33.24% for UConn Health.

The OVPR continues to seek creative solutions to address the major challenges UConn and UConn Health researchers face as a result of decreasing federal funds. I am confident we can continue upwards trends by continuing to work together, aggressively apply for extramural funding, and pursuing new channels of support for the tremendous research, scholarship, and creative activities taking place every day at UConn and UConn Health.

Thank you for your continued commitment and contribution to our students, to your research and scholarship, and to UConn/UConn Health.


Dr. Radenka Maric
Vice President for Research
UConn/UConn Health
Professor in Sustainable Energy
438 Whitney Road Ext., Unit 1006
Storrs, CT 06269
Storrs: 860.486.3621
UCH: 860.679.2230